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Internship in Metal Casting track

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Interns will contribute and learn by: •Developing advanced CFD modeling skills with the CFD tool FLOW-3D® •Developing an understanding of most of the available physics modules available to FLOW-3D® users

Internship Opportunity 2018

Flow Science is a small, diverse software company with a global presence and a distinguished history. Originally an offshoot from Los Alamos National Lab, the company is now based in Santa Fe. We are offering internship opportunities in our technical sales group to both identify future hires and to create opportunities for area students to know there is a place for them in New Mexico. 

Our suite of products, under the trade name FLOW-3D®, is computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software used by engineers, designers, and scientists at top manufacturers and institutions throughout the world to simulate and optimize product or project designs and manufacturing processes. Many of the products used in our daily lives, from automobile components to the paper towels we use to dry our hands, have actually been designed or improved through the use of FLOW-3D®.

Ideal Candidates Undergraduate or graduate students in Metallurgy or Foundry Technology, or graduate students in Civil, Mechanical, Aerospace, or Chemical Engineering, graduated in December 2017, or graduating in May or December 2018. Candidates should have exceptional oral and written communication skills, exceptional presentation skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

Interns will focus on one of these three areas:

Metal Casting Track Recent or imminent metallurgy / casting / foundry technology degree (Bachelors or Masters), prior foundry experience very welcome. Strong 3D skills required.

Water Civil Infrastructure Track Recent or imminent master’s in civil engineering with hydraulics/water civil infrastructure emphasis, physical oceanography, maritime or coastal engineering. Prior modeling experience (1D, 2D methods acceptable, 3D/CFD experience highly desired). Strong 3D CAD skills and GIS skills also highly desired.

Mechanical, Aerospace, Chemical Engineering/Micro Fluidics Track recent or imminent master’s, very strong understanding of fluids mechanics, thermal fluids and computational methods. Some prior use of commercial CFD tools required. Strong 3D CAD modeling skills required.

Interns will contribute and learn by:

Developing advanced CFD modeling skills with the CFD tool FLOW-3D®

Developing an understanding of most of the available physics modules available to FLOW-3D® users

Developing an in-depth understanding of CFD methods applied to industry-relevant problems

Developing an in-depth understanding of the physics and processes associated with industry-relevant problems

Developing a broad overview of key market segments relevant to free surface CFD applications

Interacting on a daily basis with the solver, GUI and marketing teams at Flow Science

Having an opportunity to fine tune their presentation skills, through internal presentations of their work as well as possibly live presentations to potential prospects

Apply Resumes should be submitted to

Visit our website at for more information about Flow Science, Inc.


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