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Quality/Process Engineer

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A Leading Grey and Ductile Iron Foundry is seeking an experienced Foundry Quality Manager to join their team. Must be a hands-on manager.



1)       Laboratory/Metallurgy:  Oversight of Lab Operations

·         Assure that all testing is completed in a timely manner.

·         Assure all equipment is calibrated and in proper working order.

·         Assure all sand and metal is to specification.

·         Manage Lab Operations (Sand and Metal).

·         Review checklists for key functions, including cycle and process for the following: Operation of Equipment, Cleaning of Equipment and Maintenance of Equipment.

·         Review daily test results: Nodularity Testing, Chemical Analysis (Spectrometer), Physical Results and Sand Tests.

·         Review daily Chemical and Physical results to identify out of specification conditions and take appropriate action.

·         Work to refine and maintain melt practices.


      2)   Process Control:

·         Develop and maintain general procedures for the following areas: Melt, Cores, Molding and Cleaning.

·         Incorporate best practice for all operations.

·         Oversee updating of system based on changes to process, equipment or requirements using Process Change forms.

·         Oversee Production Process audits for all areas involved in production and inspection.

o    Develop or Modify Audit Checklist(s)

o    Determine audit cycle and perform audits

o    Provide feedback to Chief Operating Officer as appropriate.


3)    Production Quality:

·         Responsible for scrap reporting both internal and customer returns.

·         Responsible for tracking and reporting of cost and activity associated with scrap, including Non-Conforming salvage and repair and returns in conjunction with Chief Operating Officer.

·         Daily Scrap and Customer Returns:

o    Lead daily scrap review meetings and initiate corrective actions, when required.

o    Take scrap on a daily basis and send to Business Process Mgr. for entry.

o    Review and document scrap cause for customer returns as needed.

o    Make customer contact as required to resolve quality related issues.

o    Stop jobs, as needed, if scrap rates are “excessive”.

o    Conduct Stop Job meetings weekly.

o    Evaluate all customer returns.

o    Initiate corrective action when appropriate.


·         Responsible for sample tracking – New and Existing:

o    Initiate sample traveler and maintain all associated documentation.

o    Locate and expedite samples through the foundry/finishing process, capturing all needed process documentation.

o    Communicate with Technical Director when parts needing PPAP or revision change confirmation are ready for X-ray, Layout, etc.

o    Assure all process detail is loaded into the system after sample approval, utilizing all appropriate forms.

·         NJSU:

o    Member of the NJSU team.

o    Perform duties as outlined in Pre-Production process procedure.  


·         Tooling Issues:       

o    Coordinate the tooling repair process as indicated from core/mold inspection sheets, excessive scrap/returns, or random visual inspection of tooling.

o    Communicate with pattern shops, Technical Director, or Sales Dept. as needed to expedite quotations, PO’s, etc.


4)    Supervisory Responsibilities:

·     Supervise, train, coach and review performance of employees on a regular basis; perform probationary reviews; communicate job expectations; Assure that employees are adhering to all company policies and procedures. 

·         Assure that all employees understand and abide by all company safety regulations and policies, including scheduling employees to attend all assigned meetings, promptly investigating accidents and near misses, completing appropriate reports and taking action to eliminate potential safety hazards

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