Sword Auction

Celtic Leaf Sword Student Castings - Up for Auction

Thanks to the generosity of the Steel Founders' Society, FEF will be auctioning off the Celtic Leaf Swords that 27 schools (36 swords) produced for the Annual Cast In Steel competition held by SFSA. The winner of this competition was Wisconsin-Platteville - their sword will not be auctioned off.

The auction will begin on Friday, May 13 and will conclude at 11:59pm (central time) on Friday, May 27. Bids can be made for any of the available swords with the high bidder receiving the sword corresponding to their winning bid; the starting bid is $100.00; bid increment is $10.00. Click here to place your bid.
Click here to see larger photos of the swords. If a sword was broken or damaged during the testing period, that is noted on the auction form.
Note: Shipping & handling charges will be added to your winning bid amount.

Wisc Platteville