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After WWII ended, there was a desparate need for skilled technicians and educated leaders in the cast metals industry. FEF was established in 1947 by the leaders of the metal casting industry, with the support of affiliated organizations and societies as an independent extension of metalcasting educational programs at colleges and universities across the country. The primary objective was to bring top-quality men and women into our industry. FEF has since become the lifeline of quality people to our Industry. Read More

McCLELLAND ROBERT BRUCE. Longtime resident of Birmingham and Lake Charlevoix, passed away peacefully May 19, 2013 at the age of 78. - See more at: http://deathnotices.michigan.com/view-single.php?id=319296&Submit=View+Notice+%2F+Guest+Book#sthash.cousMcNe.dpuf

Nass Scholarship

Chester V. Nass Memorial Scholarship

Chester V. Nass was the eleventh President of the Foundry Educational Foundation and a man who devoted 44 years of his life to the foundry industry. The fund was set-up shortly after his death in 1967, and In 2002, became a CIC specific scholarship.


2017 Kyle Smith - Kent State
2016 Joseph Ogea - Virginia Tech
2015 Hayley Cullen - Wisconsin - Platteville
2014 Brendan Herrera - Pittsburg State
2013  Tyler Dietzschold - Pittsburg State 
2012  Melissa Wright - Michigan Tech 
2011 Mat Staudinger - Cal Poly-Pomona
2010 Guy Wirsing - Texas State
2009 Jessica Tinker - Kent State
2008 Julie Chapman - Case Western Reserve
2007 Christopher Rethmel - Tri-State University
2006 Claudia Andrade - Cal Poly-Pomona
2005 Jacob Davis - Mississippi State
2004 Joe Checchia - Mohawk College
2003 Daniel Shelton - Texas State
2002 Justin Ladner - University of Alabama


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