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After WWII ended, there was a desparate need for skilled technicians and educated leaders in the cast metals industry. FEF was established in 1947 by the leaders of the metal casting industry, with the support of affiliated organizations and societies as an independent extension of metalcasting educational programs at colleges and universities across the country. The primary objective was to bring top-quality men and women into our industry. FEF has since become the lifeline of quality people to our Industry. Read More

McCLELLAND ROBERT BRUCE. Longtime resident of Birmingham and Lake Charlevoix, passed away peacefully May 19, 2013 at the age of 78. - See more at: http://deathnotices.michigan.com/view-single.php?id=319296&Submit=View+Notice+%2F+Guest+Book#sthash.cousMcNe.dpuf


* = New to FEF Board in 2018

Alumni Ambassador

Dana Cooper-Hayes-NB
Garret Davis-NB
Dika Handayani-NB
*Brandon Kruse
Mattie LaPrade-NB
Kelley Kerns - Ex officio
Terry McClellan
Lizeth Medina
Libby Ryder - Co-C (18-21)
Wil Tinker - C (18-21)


Robert Brooks
Jason Gutierrez
Kathy Hayrynen
Kelley Kerns - Ex officio
Mo Lynn
*Jay Morrison
Joe Muniza
Steve Sikorski - C (16-19)
*Greg Tordoff


*Tom Dempsey - C (18-19)
Chris Hetzler
Kelley Kerns - Ex officio
*John Outten
Marty Putnik
Jorge Sierra
Trent True

Employment Resources

Rodney Burkhardt - C (18-20)
Sandy Calabrese-NB
Tony Clark
JoAnn Coyne
*Zeydi Gutierrez
Johnny Hill
Ben Hunsicker
Greg Jarski-NB
*Kirk Kallio
Kelley Kerns - Ex officio
Michelle Kerns-NB
Jim Kundratic
Joey Leonard
*Brad Masters
*Mike Petrus

Fund Enhancement

David Clark
Dana Coulombe
Dave Gelwicks - C (14-19)
Nick Gerrits
John Grahek
Corey Jarvis
Kelley Kerns - Ex officio
Mo Lynn
Jon Pollard
Randy Smith
Doug Warner


Rodney Burkhardt
Tom Dempsey
Dave Gelwicks
John Grahek
Kelley Kerns - C (18-19)
Joey Leonard
Mo Lynn
Steve Sikorski
Rob Steele
Wil Tinker
Trent True

CIC Planning


Tom Cobett
Tom Dempsey - Co-C (18-19)
Jim Frost
John Grahek - C (17-18)
Jason Gutierrez
Casey Iossi
Kelley Kerns
Martin Koch
Mattie LaPrade
Mo Lynn
Lizeth Medina
Wil Tinker
Trent True


Phil Duke
Pete Guidi - Co-C (15-19)
Kelley Kerns
Marty Putnik
Dave Sanders
Rob Steele-C (17-18)
Matt Sullivan
Wil Tinker
Doug Warner
Conner Warren


Efrain Almanza
Laura Bartlett
Louie D'Orazio
Alan Druschitz
Scott Giese
Dika Handayani
Alan Luo
Kyle Metzloff
Charlie Monroe
Laurentiu Nastac
Victor Okhuysen
Milan Rakita
Sam Ramrattan
Pradeep Rohatgi
Russ Rosmait
Paul Sanders
Trent True - C (18-19)
Bob Voigt
Fred Vondra
Darryl Webber

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