Scholarships Presented

Ron & Glenn Birtwistle Memorial Scholarships

These scholarships were established in 1984 in memory of Ron and Glenn Birtwistle by their father, Don Birtwistle. Don is a former FEF Board member and President Lifetime Patron. He was one of the founders of Great Lakes Castings Corporation, and after 47 years, retired in 1992.


2022 Serena Haddad (Cal Poly-Pomona) & Bryce Scholze (Pittsburg State)
2021 Joseph Mader (Pittsburg State) & Mary McCoy (Northern Iowa)
2020 Kyle Schick - Northern Iowa
2019 Lauren Landreth - UAB
2018 Taite Gallagher - Northern Iowa
2017 Frances Cherry - Tennessee Tech
2016 Alex Roach - Alabama-Tuscaloosa
2015 Christopher Carpenter (Western Michigan) & Kelly McCool (Alabama-Birmingham)
2014 Sebastian Redclay (Penn State) & Michael Grams (Texas State)
2013 Mary Cartier (Wisconsin-Platteville) & Joshua McLennan (Pittsburg State)
2012  Steven Brown (Pittsburg State) & Mary Seals (Virginia Tech) 
2011 Graham Smith (Tennessee Tech) & Blake Whitley (Alabama)
2010 Paul Lynch (Penn State) & Jeremy Faulkender (Pittsburg State)
2009 Rachel Abrahams (Penn State) & Alex Anderson (Central Washington)
2008 Wael Deabes (Tennessee Tech) & Robert Wheeler (Mohawk College)
2007 David Poerschke (Case Western Reserve) & Lisa Shiwarski (Penn State)
2006 Jonathan Erman (Pittsburg State) & Jeremy Mowry (Mississippi)
2005 Nicholas Hutchinson (Cal Poly-Pomona) & Sarah Weigle (Tri-State University)
2004 Gregory Schaefer (Wisconsin-Milwaukee) & Scott Schudalla (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
2003 Shawn Forfitt (Univ. of Windsor) & Dann Mayfield (Pittsburg State)
2002 Craig Murray (Mohawk College) & Brian Orf (Wisconsin-Madison)
2001 Elizabeth Coleman (University of Alabama) & Brian Hartbarger (Tennessee Tech)
2000 James Golomski (Pittsburg State) & Helen Ule (University of Windsor)
1999 Marlon Gates (Kent State) & Craig Roberts (Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo)
1998 Brad Jud (Michigan Tech) & Mark Sweany (Michigan Tech)
1997 Brian Began (Case Western Reserve) & William Pool (Texas State)
1996 Brad Ohlrich (Michigan Tech) & Ryan Wildman (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
1995 Ron Yarbrough (Texas State) & Greg Monson (University of Wisconsin-Platteville)
1994 Gerald Thiel (University of Northern Iowa) & Brian Schweinhagen (Kent State)
1993 Mark Hayley (Western Michigan University) & Scott Terry (Michigan Tech)
1992 Teresa Browning (Purdue-Indianapolis) & Thomas Cunningham (Univ. of Pittsburgh)
1991 Jonathan Host (Michigan Tech) & Salvatore Mutone (Penn State)
1990 Greg Faubert (Michigan Tech) & Cheryl Christenson (University of Michigan)
1989 Scott Murto (Michigan Tech) & Michael Welp (Purdue-Indianapolis)
1988 William Wasierski (Erie Community College) & Charles Blazina (Cal State-Chico)
1987 Paul Bartelt (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison) & Timothy Deakin (Erie Community College)
1986 David Trumble (University of Michigan) & Timothy Hajduk (Erie Community College)
1985 Mark Schneider (Erie Community College) & Robert Roberts (University of Cincinnati)
1984 Mark Schneider (Erie Community College)