Scholarships Presented

Loper Award

+Established in 2006, this fund honors Dr. Carl R. Loper, Jr. who served as an FEF Key Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for over 30 years. Dr. Loper is an Honorary Life Member of the AFS (Howard Taylor Award, Penton Gold Medal, Hoyt Memorial Lecture), a Fellow Member of the American Society for Materials, and a member of the American Welding Society (Adams Memorial Award). He has also received the Merton C. Flemings Award from the Manufacturing Processes Institute and the EJ Walsh Award from FEF.


2022 Logan Chatman (Pittsburg State) & Hayes Pateidl (Missouri Univ. of Science & Technology
2021 Brian Borkowski (Northern Iowa) & Michael Seitz (Cal Poly Pomona)
2020 Erik Herzog (Wisconsin-Platteville) & Mark McAllister (Northern Iowa)
2019 Andres Segura (Northern Iowa) & Ryan Williams (UAB)
2018 Thomas Houston (Tennessee Tech) & Colin Ridgeway (Ohio State) 
2017 Mark Emmendorfer (Missouri Univ of Science & Technology) & Jacob Whitehead (UAB)
2016 Emily Dunn (Trine University) & Sara Karp (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
2015 John Hambleton (Pittsburg State) & Seth Rachwitz (Western Michigan)
2014 Nicholas Barningham - University of Wisconsin-Platteville
2013  John Calhoun - Univ. of Alabama 
2012  Shawn Moody - Pittsburg State 
2011 David Hengst - Missouri Univ. of Science & Technology
2010 Spencer Nast - Missouri Univ. of Science & Technology
2009 Rose Torielli - Penn State
2008 Kevin Woodson - Purdue-Indianapolis
2007 Ryan Eller - Missouri Univ. of Science & Technology