Scholarship Application Prerequisites

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Scholarships Available Through FEF

AFS Twin City Memorial ScholarshipOctober 5th 2018Deadline Past
Keith Dwight Millis ScholarshipOctober 12th 2018Deadline Past
Foseco - Ron Ruddle Memorial ScholarshipOctober 12th 2018Deadline Past
Non-Ferrous Founders' Society ScholarshipSeptember 30th 2018Deadline Past
AFS Northeastern Wisconsin ScholarshipDecember 9th 2018Deadline Past
AFS WI Past President ScholarshipDecember 15th 2018Deadline Past
George J. Barker Memorial ScholarshipDecember 15th 2018Deadline Past
NADCA Indiana Chapter 25 ScholarshipJune 1st 2019Available

Other Available Scholarships

H.H. Harris Foundation ScholarshipMay 31st 2019Available