New Dinner Invitation Process

Inviting Students to Dinner on Thursday Evening

In order to make the dinner invitation process as fair as possible for both students and companies, the following process will be used for the 2018 CIC.

Companies will be given “invitation cards” that they will give to students letting them know that they have an official invitation to join that specific company for dinner on Thursday. Students will also have ONE dinner acceptance card. 

The number of “invitation cards” given to each company will match the number of jobs recruiting for (plus 50%) with a maximum of 20 invitations (the number of full-time and/or internships recruiting for needs to be indicated on the registration form). Only when a company receives the dinner acceptance card from the student, should that company expect the student to join them for dinner. Both students and companies are strongly encouraged to wait approximately one hour before accepting/offering an invitation.

Please feel free to call the FEF office with any questions you may have.