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CAreer assiST (CAST)

Companies from all over North America realize the value of hiring an intern. Not only are interns an excellent resource that contributes to their organizational goals, but by working with and mentoring you, they have the opportunity to shape the future of their organization and the metalcasting field. Not to mention training you for your first full-time position - either with them or their competitor.

An internship is...

  • An arrangement between a student and an employer for that student to work for them for a defined period of time while they are in school
  • Paid (or sometimes unpaid) and is typically less than a full-time position of 40 hours a week
  • A learning experience relevant to one's interests and major (unlike part-time jobs)

Some of the benefits of participating in an internship program are...

  • Relevant work experience
  • Resume & cover letter content for future jobs
  • Employer references & recommendations
  • An open door to a company
  • Professional network expansion
  • Experience in a "real world" setting
  • The opportunity to impact a company
  • Entry level jobs sometimes require "experience" - now you'll have it

Keep in mind when...

  • Don't wait until your senior year to get your first internship; previous intern experience usually leads to a higher starting salary
  • Seek positions with relevant experience that will contribute to your professional development
  • Be confident when applying; the more interviewing practice & employer networking, the more doors will open

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