Educators' Resources

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  • Lab activities/experiments
  • Safety requirements and how to use equipment
  • Showcase casting and FEF school programs

Curriculum Ideas

  • Activities/experiments and/or discussion outlines on metalcasting
  • Fun activities to keep students engaged
  • Define how to use with other curriculum (materials, science, etc.)
  • Materials needed and how to get them


  • Where to get supplies
  • List of supplies by region
  • Mini-foundry set-up - list of components, where to buy, cost, etc.


  • List of FEF schools and Key Professors - "contacts in your region"
  • Suppliers
  • Foundries
  • OEM's

Careers in Metalcasting

  • Is There an Engineering Inside You?
  • AFS
  • ICI
  • Others
  • List of companies throughout the U.S. - defining how wide-reaching our industry is
    • Define those who are willing to work with high schools in their areas

FEF Information

  • FEF Q&A for students/parents
  • FEF promotional materials