Estate Planning


A number of donors to the Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF) have made plans for future gifts that will benefit upcoming generations of metal-casting engineers by providing support for scholarships, internships, Key Professors, curriculum and metalcasting laboratory facilities. Gifts can be designated for a specific FEF approved school or to the General Fund, which will be distributed annually as earnings permit to FEF qualified students studying metalcasting. FEF is a recognized 501(c)3 tax exempt Foundation. For more information, you can review the Saugus Society brochure.


Saugus, Massachusetts (outside of Boston) is where the first documented cast iron object was made at the first foundry in America in the 1640's.  The Saugus Pot made cooking easier for the early settlers, and one of the original pots actually survives to this day.

The Saugus Society is the name given to those who notify FEF, through an application form, that they have included the Foundry Educational Foundation as part of their estate planning.


Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF) is a recognized 501(c)3 tax exempt Foundation. Planned giving requires careful thought and assessment of your goals and interests. Consult with your financial advisor, accountant and/or attorney regarding which planned gift vehicle(s) would be most appropriate and advantageous for your personal situation.

You can leave your legacy to future generations of metalcasting students by filling out your Statement of Intent.


Saugus Society Members - as of 4/7/22

Rob Bailey George Isaac Sr. Bob* & Hanna* Nevins
Leo Baran Burleigh Jacobs* Ray* & Linda* Peters
Bill Barrett Rick & Vicki James Dick Poirier*
Bo Beed* Jim* & Katherine* Keating Bill & Jan Powell
Michael Belger John Keough Clay Quaife
Don* & Jolly Birtwistle Kelley & Michelle Kerns Bob* & Laurida Reesman
Jerry Clancey Ernest M. Knapp* Henry M. Rowan*
Tom & Carolyn Davies Mort Lewis* Russ Rosmait
John Philip Duke Carl* & Jane* Loper Otto Rusch*
Chuck Fowler Kevin & Maureen Lynn Clyde* & Gary* Sanders
Richard Frazier* George Mathews Dave Sanders
Jim Frost John McBroom Peter L. Simpson*
Gary & Jeanne Gigante Eric Meyers Hugh Sims*
John Grahek Paul & Pam Mikkola Bob & Sue* Smillie
Eckhart Grohmann Jack Miller* Bill & Wendy Sorensen
Nelson Hartley* Keith Millis* Mike & Beverly Swartzlander
Kathy Hayrynen Bob Mortenson* B. Lee* & Carol* Tuttle
Edward Hoenicke* John & Katherine Mortimer Doug & Sandy Warner
William A. Hunter* Russell Murray Conner Warren
Walter Illig* Chester V. Nass* Ray Witt*
    Bob* & Dottye Wolf

* Indicates deceased