FEF CastCrawler

The Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF) team is proud to announce a new recruiting tool called FEF CastCrawler. The FEF CastCrawler provides a “one-stop” program to link and directly send notifications to metalcasting students and pending graduates with job opportunities and internships/co-ops from industry companies.

This is free to FEF partners!

The process to sign-up to send job alerts to metal casting students will take under 10 minutes!

Once you are signed up, the process is extremely simple. You just add the keywords/tags in your online job descriptions. This keyword list will be supplied to you once you are signed up. An example of this would be using “FEF” in the job description. An example of this could be, “FEF Students are encouraged to apply”.

The FEF CastCrawler will automatically find the listed opportunity and send it directly to metalcasting students! Students can then apply directly on your company’s website.

To become part of this new FEF feature or if you have any questions, you can reach out directly to FEF staff member Nick Bacik at nick@fefinc.org or (847) 490-9200.

We are very excited about connecting more metalcasting students with our industry! Every FEF partner will have access to this job recruiting tool and we encourage you to participate in this great opportunity.

FEF CastCrawler

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