Scholarships Presented

William M. Grimes Scholarship

William M. Grimes was President and CEO of Gartland Foundry in Terre Haute, Indiana for many years. Gartland Foundry, in cooperation with the Grimes family, established this award after Mr. Grimes' death in 1994. Bill was President and CEO for 42 years at Gartland and Chairman of the Board. He felt strongly about education and training of young people in the foundry industry.


2006 Phillip Kubichka - University of Wisconsin-Platteville
2005 Matthew Arvin - Purdue-Indianapolis
2004 Kristie Luna - Tennessee Tech
2003 James Bean - Northern Iowa University
2002 David Spoon - Western Michigan University
2001 Joshua Crites - Purdue-West Lafayette
2000 Tinsley West - Penn State
1999 Erin Miller - Tri-State University
1998 Jason Burnette - Purdue-Indianapolis
1997 Nicole Jeanplong - Michigan Tech
1996 Jared Bassett - Kent State
1995 Matthew Otte - Michigan Tech
1994 Travis Gould - Purdue-Indianapolis